[You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self–Acceptance] Ebook / PDF

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Fascination eOokxplaining the role of planets signs and houses through metaphor to theater She also simplifies getting started with keeping it focused on your sun moon and ascendant so as not to overwhelm most people with reading their Rule of Wolves (King of Scars Book 2) entire chart Great read andnjoyable to hear about how she found her own life purpose Chani has a way of appealing to both beginners and advanced astrologers alike perhaps because she has wrapped her work and this book with the very radical acceptance she teaches I love the way this book is laid out how the affirmations reinforce the section you just acceptance she teaches I love the way this book is laid out how the affirmations reinforce the section you just pertaining to an aspect of your chart and the reflection uestions give you the opportunity to delve deeper into your understanding Reading this book has not only helped me personally but it also helped me have loving acceptance of my family Knowing what drives them and where they need to shine allows me to create space for them to be who they are instead of forcing them into a different mold Knowing my own strengths and challenges based on my chart makes the situation I m facing manageable Thank you Chani for putting some of your work into a book format that is accessible to all and framing it with such love and kindness I love Chani Nicholas and have been an avid readerfollower of her website and social media accounts for years I pre ordered this book hoping it would get me started with my personal chart but when I went as directed in the book back to her website and Nos amours impossibles: Te sauver entered my information yes I know what time I was born I found that than a fewntities appear than once in my chart with no xplanation or interpretation of any of these planetslocations than a few ntities appear than once in my chart with no Attendre le vrai amour 1: Il semble, mais ce n'est pas un garçon explanation or interpretation of any of these planetslocations the book or on the websiteI didmail Chani although I m pretty sure she did not write the response and Pour ne pas t'aimer explained my surprised at finding that the chart tool on the website does not accurately reflect the companion book Whoever responded to mymail advised me to google it I m uite disappointed that I m not able to fully research and xplore these aspects of my chart that are so clearly a part of Chani s system If I d wanted to google it I wouldn t Purchased The BookI Do Enjoy Chani S Work Immensely And the bookI do njoy Chani s work immensely and really looking forward to the book hopefully there s an Le Cavalier (Fae Games French t. 2) easyxplanation that could be posted on the website andor fix for the online tool. Ree foundational keysThe First Key Your Sun Your Lifes PurposeThe Second Key Your Moon Your Physical and Emotional NeedsThe Third Key Your Ascendant and Its Ruler Your Motivation for Life and the Steersperson of Your ShipAstrology is not therapy but it is therapeuticIn a world in which we are taught to look outside of ourselves for validationYou Were Born for Thisbrings us inward to commit to ourselves and our lifes purpo. .

Bought as a present and they were super happy Great place to start off as this book breaks verything down for the ammauture astrologer I had my first reading from Chani 25 years ago and I knew from that moment that she had a way of making one feel seen and an inherent ability to help one to connect to their true purpose this time around After reading this inherent ability to help one to connect to their true purpose this time around After reading this so many years later it is clear that she WAS born for this So many of us are searching for ways to understand ourselves and our world in a deeper way and to take that understanding and use it to
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change In reading book and using the guidance that Chani lays out I felt a validation and a deeper understanding of the path I have chosen to take in this lifetime Make sure that you buy this book today Buy one for your best friend your mother your partnerjust buy it When I read Chani s uote in the Vanity Fair article about this incredible book it made me stop in my tracks The road does gets narrower the journey has some bumps but pure joy happens when I am doing my best to move forward I m so xcited for this book because it is a tool that I know will help guide me I purchased 21 copies of this book one for myself and 20 for people that I think will benefit from Chani s wisdom Her words resonate to my deepest core I have heard her voice and laughter in interviews and it is infectious The truth and honesty of the introduction of her book was so touching and pure When a person like Chani offers integrity depth and her wisdom I for one want to spend as much time with my nose in that book as possible But along with that book I will have pens and I will circle things that are meaningful and I will turn pages and by the time I get done reading this book three or four times it is going to look trashed and that s what I call a well loved book I m so grateful for this book There has never been a book that is as user friendly and as in depth as this one is to me Go buy this book as soon as you can get one I think they sold out the first day There s a reason for that When magic happens one has to follow it You Were Born for This is good for the newbie astrology student or curious person seeking a new path to contentment and self acceptance There s one problem If you don t know EXACTLY when you were born as in day NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom beloved astrologer Chani Nicholas comes an ssential guide for radical self acceptanceYour weekly horoscope is merely one crumb of astrologys cake In her first bookYou Were Born For This Chani shows how your birth charta snapshot of the sky at the moment you took your first breathreveals your uniue talents challenges and opportunities Fortified with this knowledge you can live out the life yo. Our minute second and where it took place it s not possible to start this process with the best possible natal chart Nichols advises that there are things that can be done but they all reuire Hiring An Astrologer To Assist In The an astrologer to assist in the and that it will be an approximationChani Nichols shares a bit about her life along the way in this friendly book and it s asy to see why she s got a million followerssubscribers to her podcast Her style is warm approachable and asy to understand offering keys to the sun Moon And Planets As and planets as to discover new information or a new direction for your life She invites the reader to her website very arly in the book and suggests it to be used in tandemIf you re well versed in astrology this book won t be teaching you too much that s new but for those that know their Ashes falling for the sky - tome 2: Sky burning down to ashes exact birth date or don t care about it you might be born for this I went through my chart in one sitting I definitely need to go back and absorb all the detail I can t wait to take a look at my kids and husbands charts Very different approach to Astrology opened some doors and allowed me to see things in a different perspective specially regarding houses Excellent addition to my book collection Chani makes astrology approachable practical applicable Most of the book is choose your own adventure skip ahead to the sections that apply to your chart I knew my chart well before I started the book I have a considerably better understanding of it now And a better understanding of the aspects how they work uickasy read Enjoyable for the whole family I loved this book and will continue to keep it
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my bed I always been into astrology but recently have been diving deeper into my chart The layout of this book is kind of like a choose your own adventure and workbook It will dive deeper into your sun sign moon sign and rising sign It was very La Passeuse de Mots - Tome 1 easy to understand for me which I have noxperienced in other astrology books I d say if you are beginner you will love this book I hope she continues to make because I love her style of writing it jives well with my style of learning I honestly was shocked with this book It is a nice read Assoiffés - tome 01 (1) even if you are sceptic around astrology This is a great book if you re getting started with astrology Really appreciate the approach that Chani U were born to Marrying the historic traditions of astrology with a modern approachYou Were Born for Thisexplains the key components of your birth chart in anasy to use choose your own adventure style With journal prompts reflection uestions and affirmations personal to your astrological makeup this book guides you along the pathyour chart has laid out for youChani makes the wisdom of your birth chart accessible with th. You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance