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I have started and stopped uite a few psychologicaldomesticsuspense books lately because they all seemed to be the same old thing and because I just didn t care anything about the main character Not only did I not stop reading The Photographer but I read it in less than 24 hours Delta Dawn is an extraordinary photographer She is especially in demand to photograph the birthday parties of the children of elite New Yorkers She is so successful because she knows how to capture an image or slightly manipulate it when necessary to show the parents #A Picture Of What #picture of what perceive the reality of their lives and relationships to be Delta tells her own story in the book and she is just as accomplished at making the reader see reality as she wants ou to believe it exists as she is at manipulating what ou see I have never encountered a character uite like Delta This extremely addictive and suspenseful look at obsession desire and obviously some deep seated psychological trauma will have ou asking Kindersprechstunde: Ein medizinisch-pädagogischer Ratgeber yourself what is real until the very last page Plusou will learn a lot about photography A good unreliable narrator I mean photographer is hard to find right Well ou ll find both in Mary Dixie Carter s THE PHOTOGRAPHER The pacing and execution of this psychological suspense novel are spot s THE PHOTOGRAPHER The pacing and execution of this psychological suspense novel are spot Delta a children s party photographer demonstrates professionalism and expertise as she muses over the nuances of her art the light the shadow the composition Her impressive insights are then juxtaposed with actions that will make readers suirm on the couch sueeze their eyes shut and cringe When Delta begins to insert herself into one of her client s lives the smoothness and creepy brilliance of her manipulation comes into sharper focus with each turn of the page A deftly written debut novel of jealousy fixation and reinvention that will keep ou wondering long after ou ve read the final chapter Highly recommend Note I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review I also had a point of view but I chose to avoid it most of the time Were I to embrace it I would have had to acknowledge other things that I was not interested in acknowledging #People like me created useful stories to paste over other stories #like me created useful stories to paste over other stories the real stories would take ou on a deep dive to hellDelta is a family photographer living in New York City She specializes in photographing children and is doing well because she delivers what her clients want an image of the life they wish to believe they have rather than the life they do When she meets Amelia an architect who has everything Delta wants she slowly ingratiates herself into the family s life But with a growing attachment and a penchant for photoshop will Delta s schemes bring her closer or burn the relationship downWith the photographer Mary Dixie Carter establishes herself as a force in psychological suspense Her protagonist walks the line of unreliable and completely forthcoming while continuing to appeal to the reader s desire to see the corrupt brought low and the scrappy underdog succe. Mary Dixie Carter's The Photographer is a slyly observed suspenseful story of envy and obsession told in the mesmerizing irresistible voice of a character who will make ou doubt that seeing is ever believingWHEN PERFECT IMAGESAs a photographer Delta Dawn observes the seemingly perfect lives of New York City’s elite snapping photos of their children’s birthday parties transfo. .

The Photographer
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Ed But who do ou side with when it seems everyone is a villain I read this in one sitting because I was so drawn in I could not separate myself from the world Carter createdThank ou to the publisher for providing this book for reviewContent warnings for issues surrounding fertility pregnancy loss adoption and surrogacy This is a tale about extreme obsession taken to a new level I was instantly pulled into Delta Dawn s life the photographer and main character in this psychological thriller Holding my breathwaiting for the wicked trainwreck destined to un rail her life Ms Carter has managed to write an intense and twisted thriller with a remarably original plot that is unforgettableDelta uses her intelligence and cunning to weave herself into the charmed lives of her wealthy clients When she meets the Straub family she knows they re special She wants from them she wants to be part of the family Yes I d been born into white trash But I myself had a drastically superior mind and sensibilities Hiring a photographer seems like a simple process Of course ou want to check out their credentials especially if ou Delta Dawn will inspire readers to pick up a camera and practice their Dawn will inspire readers to pick up a camera and practice their and photo editing not only because Carter s descriptions of this career are so detailed and beautiful but also because they ll never want to invite another photographer into their lives again Delta s intricate self descriptions of her trade and talent drew me in to a deep connection with this main char Obsession The Photographer is about pure creepy obsession Delta is a photographer who desperately wants the lives of the families she photographs She starts working for and then befriends the Straub family so that she can be a part of their lives but be a part of their lives But she starts to become obsessed and keeps taking things #a step too far This book is a compulsively addicting nightmare in the best possible #step too far This book is a compulsively addicting nightmare in the best possible Once I started reading it I couldn t put it down Highly recommended for fellow lovers of obsessive thrillers such as You by Caroline Kepnes This is weird disturbing obsessive making our entire body hair stand up kind of freaky slow burn psychological thriller It s definitely psychological because narrator heroine Delta Dawn is not only a uite brilliant photographer named after a song if that s her real name Maybe the author may write a seuel in near future and name her as Barbara Ann or Mustang Sally who knows is truly deeply batshit crazy obsessive a female combination of Joe Goldberg meets Jennifer Jason Leigh from Single White Female She s a chameleon She meets people and learns the intimate details about their life stories then she wears these details as if they re her own past We don t know who she is only thing we know her parents are dead and she raised in Disneyland because of her parents occupations as janitors She has uite exuisite talent for reflecting the inner light of people to show the better parts of them to help them believe in illusions she creates magic with her photography but the worst part not only the peo. Rming images of stiff hugs and tearstained faces into visions of pure joy and creating moments these parents long forARE MADE OF BEAUTIFUL LIESBut when Delta is hired for Natalie Straub’s eleventh birthday she finds herself wishing she wasn’t behind the lens but a part of the scene―in the Straub family’s gorgeous home and elegant lifeTHE TRUTH WILL BE EXPOSEDThat’s when. Ple are enchanted by the reality she creates but also she truly believes the fake artificial cocoon she built around herself Delta takes photos of families editing them according to their demands best interests making them believe they are happy families But she also edits those photos for herself inserting her own pictures to fill the emptiness of her life After her last gig she truly gets connected with Straub family A power couple and their oung daughter Nathalie The mother Amelia is sophisticated fancy ambitious architect works with her husband but she s better at her job bringing all important customers to the company so she defines herself as real bread winner Her husband Fritz is also good looking man a little resentful because of her wife s long working hours and their nonstop social life Poor Nathalie doesn t get much attention from them and when her parents decided to have a second kid but their plan failed after several miscarriages she gets affected from their marriage problems Delta watches them like a hawk photographing their intimate moments slowly intruding their lives by dating with coworker of Fritz babysitting Nathalie and bonding a uniue relationship rolling around their rug naked okay She just lay down but she Was Still Not Wearing still not wearing You naughty girl Her last step of the plan to be surrogate mother for their second child to be connected with them forever Will her plan be accomplished Go on read and tell It was uick fast pacing gripping read Interestingly I enjoyed the creepy mind of Delta but the character I didn t like was Amelia she was true drama ueen and I want to throw my full glass of Pinot Grigio on her face several times But it would be waste of my drink Overall ending was smart well played and I enjoyed the creepy obsessive but also entertaining narration Giving my shiny 4 photographic illusional mysterious darkish stars Special thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press Minotaur Books for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions Where is the line between memory and reality between envy and admiration and obsession THE PHOTOGRAPHER s Delta Dawn sees herself in Amelia and Fritz Straub s home from her first visit there to photograph their daughter Natalie s birthday party and even unnerved the reader can hardly help wishing Delta success as inch by inch she insinuates herself "into the straubs lives and home the photographer " the Straubs lives and home THE PHOTOGRAPHER a thriller as artfully staged as Delta s photographs and as painstakingly constructed as the Straub home she so desperately wishes she was hers Holy cow What a mind I m not sure that I am really connecting with what I just read Wow uite a disturbing dynamic in this one but ou #can t stop reading it You have to find out what the hell is going on And I m still #t stop reading it You have to find out what the hell is going on And I m still uite sure what I just read Some of my favorite narrator ualities wrapped into one unreliable obsessive dark and a little bit sexy Carter has written a strong debut and I am looking forward to see what she writes nextThank ou to the publisher for the ARC. Delta puts her plan in place by babysitting for Natalie; befriending her mother Amelia; finding chances to listen to her father Fritz Soon she’s bathing in the master bathtub drinking their expensive wine and eyeing the beautifully finished garden apartment in their townhouse It seems she can never get close enough until she discovers that photos aren’t all she can manipulat.

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