(The New Confessions) [PDF KINDLE] ç William Boyd

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Uite a journey through the first three uarters of the 20th Century the politics the wars society and the development of movies from the personal viewpoint of the protagonist all wrapped around his difficulties with relationships By and large excellent though I did feel at times that some of the detail resulting from intense research could have been sliced I discovered William Boyd by reading Any human heart and A good man in Africa both excellent stories and well written Imagine my disappointment when I started this book poor sloppy writing lots of gratuitous sex and war violence which added nothing only padding Plus a meandering plot which at times was ui Narrative is gripping and eeps attention As an older person there are a lot of references that ring bells and create some nostalgia while noting how much better things are now Ending a bit enigmatic but that s part of the story in a sense Reading this book I was reminded of why despite Rousseau s many shortcomings and faults I ve always loved his Confessions It s BECAUSE of his all too human shortcomings and faults That said our protagonist herein John James Todd is not exactly a modern day John Jacues The most obvious flaw is that the caustic tone Boyd lends him herein is almost exactly that of Nat Tate the protagonist in his later book Any Human Heart rather than the lilting self pitying one of Rousseau s Confessions Still it is impossible not to sympathise with Todd in his narrative and regard Him If Not As if not as man sinned against than sinning than at least as one eually sinned against as sinningTodd

"Like Rousseau Is Very Unreliable "
Rousseau is very unreliable narrator and at some parts of the book it can become a sort of pleasant distraction to discover the narrative inaccuracies My personal favourite was his uoting actually misuoting as he himself says from T S Eliot s poem Burnt Norton whilst in Germany in the 20 s even though Eliot didn t even begin writing the poem until the 30 sIt s all very confusing at times reading a book called The New Confessions by author Boyd which consists of a confessional narrative by character Todd written at the end of his life which was largely devoted to the creation of a film version of Rousseau s Confessions It s all rather like a literary version of a Russian matryoshka doll with progressively smaller dolls enclosed inside itBe all this as it may one can t help but be drawn to a cad with a vision surrounded by. Brilliant A Citizen Kane of a novel Daily Telegraph Meet John James ToddScotsman auteur Rousseau fanatic and subversive elementBorn in 1899 John James Todd is one of the great failed geniuses of the last century His reminiscences collected in The New Confessions take us from Edinburgh. The New ConfessionsS and then tasting a very good bold red Ahsuch reliefThe New Confessions is uite a lengthy book about a man s life from the cradle to the grave And what a life John James Todd is impulsive and Passionate He Follows His Heart Than His He follows his heart than his and accepts the ups and downs these and accepts the ups and downs these ultimately have on his life I liked him a lot but then I like people who are risk takers rather than those who choose the safer route in lifeA cinematographerTodd s abiding passion is to bring The Confession by Jean Jacues Rousseau to the screen and the story very cleverly maintains this as the central point throughoutA life story which involves two world wars several countries including Europe Britain and America a large cast of characters and many adventures both good and bad result in a wonderful and intriguing readAny Human Heart still remains my favourite book but *THE NEW CONFESSIONS RUNS A VERY CLOSE SECOND THIS *New Confessions runs a very close second This one of the most protracted tedious pretentious books I have had the misfortune to read Please take a course in speed reading before embarking upon it Two pages before the end the main protagonist ruminates on six possible pathways whereby the story could continue and concludes that he doesn t care which well neither did I Nor did I care about the fate of a single character in the book nor about the great Rousseau and particularly not about trying to link the vagaries of life to Heisenberg s Uncertainty Principal nor G dels Incompleteness Theorem Drivel Honest and beguiling A great but fundamentally flawed hero You have to like the lead character even though he is selfish childish and easily led astray A marvelous story of a human being This is the first William Boyd novel I have read it came about as a direct result of a recommendation from a good friend whose opinion I value He stated it would be a good airplane read The New Confessions was than that it was a pleasant surprise with a riveting story that while meandering at times nevertheless aided by periodic references to a classic Rousseau novel follows a life thread from birth childhood through silent cinema to talkies to color interspaced with war passion and occasional humor the balloon flight and myriad geographic locations from Berlin to Tijuana that eeps you wanting to read long after the plane is at the jet wayI highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a very well written first half of the 20th Century period piec. Hand of fate A magnificent feat of storytelling and panoramic reconstruction ObserverPaced and plotted with sinewy unfailing skill Boyd has given us a work of rich ripe and immensely enjoyable entertainment Sunday TimesSimply the best realistic storyteller of his generation Independent. Pious hypocrites with no vision at all save getting and spending which is basically the set up here And underlying it all the reiterated BoydTodd theme that we are all playthings of Chance regardless of how we try to delude ourselvesThere is no guarantee of good fortune no assurance that your allies will always be staunch that unfairness and indifference will not always prevail So why in these cases Jean Jacues s case does the world howl paranoic lunatic misanthrope ingrate egomaniacI will tell you why Because it makes people feel better secure If they can lay all the blame on the victimChance the random and haphazard the contingent do not really dictate the way the world turnsAnd who does not have than a bit of the Rousseauvian in him in the sense that When I act it is because I am impelled by something irresistible within me and seldom as a result of some well plotted strategyA flawed book whose covers the prospective reader will hopefully chance to open Well the conceit of the book is probably greater than the content but Boyd is a great writer and the play on Rousseau s life mirrored by a film maker determined to film Rousseau s autobiography is terrificThe sort of novel to pick up for pure pleasure and if the lockdown h I first became aware of Boyd as I am certain many others did through Any human heart This book came before that but shares the same format and one can t help but feel that this book was a bit of a test run for the later work This is a tour De force of a book though almost 600 pages long and spanning 70 off years or so I did thoroughly enjoy this despite the main protagonist not being particularly likeable NOT UNUSUAL FOR BOYD HOWEVER THIS unusual for Boyd however this for me lack the humour and lightness of touch prevalent in most of the other Boyd books I have read If you like Boyds other we works i would give this a go but it is not in the same league as any human heart for me Accompanying Mr Todd from his childhood through two wars pre and post war Berlin Hollywood and finally the French Riviera is highly entertaining and fun Its a the French Riviera is highly entertaining and fun Its a of fame love rejectionand tragedy You won t be able to put this book down I recommend it William Boyd is hard to beat when it comes to intelligent and clever writingAfter a bevy of oh so awful books that ended up in the bin only partly readI had to return to an author that I new and admiredIt was like having to drink Sparkling Pearl for a few week. To the Western Front the Berlin film world in the Twenties to Hollywood in the Thirties Forties and beyond Suffering imprisonment shooting marriage fatherhood divorce and McCarthyism Todd is a hostage to good fortune ill judgement bad luck the vast sweep of history and the cruel cruel. ,