(The New Confessions) [PDF KINDLE] ç William Boyd

Restless: A Duchess of Cornwall Book Club pick (English Edition)

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Uite a journey through the first three uarters of the 20th Century the politics the wars society and the development of movies from the personal viewpoint of the protagonist all wrapped around his difficulties with relationships By and large excellent though I did feel at times that some of the detail resulting from I discovered William Boyd by reading Any human heart and A good man in Africa both excellent stories and well written Imagine my disappointment when I started this book poor sloppy writing lots of gratuitous sex and war violence which Imagine my disappointment when I started this book poor sloppy writing lots of gratuitous sex and war violence which nothing only padding Plus a meandering plot which at times was uite silly Add to that a lot of author s nowledge which was totally irrelevant and boring to boot Sorry but only the second time In my life I have not persevered to the end of a book J ai beaucoup aim d autres livres de Boyd surtout Waiting for Sunrise mais ici uelle barbe

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ai eu beau m rien faire j ai laiss tomber Well the co. Amazing Books, The New Confessions Autho. The New ConfessionsLeague as any human *heart for me It s difficult to put down rich *for me It s difficult to put down this rich varied which will appeal to film buffs and many other readers This is one of the most protracted tedious pretentious books I have had the misfortune to read Please take a course in speed reading before embarking upon it Two pages before the end the main protagonist ruminates on six possible pathways whereby the story could continue and concludes that he doesn t care which well neither did I Nor did I care about the fate of a single character in the book nor about the great Rousseau and particularly not about trying to link the vagaries of life to Heisenberg s Uncertainty Principal nor G dels Incompleteness Theorem Drivel The 1770 tell all autobiography Confessions by French philosopher JJ Rousseau 1712 78 underpins inspires even mirrors much of the life story of Scotsman JJ Todd 1899 1972 who illed his mother AT BIRTH AND WAS NEVER LOVED BY HIS DAD birth and was never loved by his dad elder brother Book with over 282 readers online here.. Nceit of the book is probably greater than the content but Boyd is a great writer and the play on Rousseau s life mirrored by a film maker determined to film Rousseau s autobiography is terrificThe sort of novel to pick up for pure pleasure and if the lockdown has restricted your reading habits they could be reignited by reading this I first became aware of Boyd as I am certain many others did through Any human heart This book came before that but shares the same format and one can t help But Feel That This feel that this was a bit of a test run for the later work This is a tour De force of a book though almost 600 pages long and SPANNING 70 OFF YEARS OR SO 70 off years or so did thoroughly enjoy this despite the main protagonist not being particularly likeable not unusual for Boyd however this did for me lack the humour and lightness of touch prevalent in most of the other Boyd books I have read If you like Boyds other we works i would give this a go but it is not in the same. R William Boyd This is the best favorite. ,