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Ook it s as much about how muddled our lives and choices can be and how difficult it can be to foresee conseuences as any of Mrs Vickers Fourmis de France. Plus de 100 espèces décrites previous novels I was a little taken aback by the short secondart with its switch of view but it soon becomes apparent why this is needed and it makes It is rare that I give up and delete a book before finishing it but I had got to 50% and nothing had happened and I had no interest in any of the characters Will happened and I had no interest in any of the characters Will librarian have an affair with the doctor and if so how will it turn out Frankly I did not care This is an enormous shame as I have been a fan of Salley Vickers from Miss Garnet s Angel through in no articular order Mr Golightly s Holiday The Cleaner of Chartres The Other Side of You Dancing Backwards Where Three Roads Meet and Aphrodite s Hat I just hope her next book is back up to standard Having read a heavy tome I was in need of a refreshing g read much like a sorbet at dinner This book was a delight Elegantly written and drew the reader into Silvia s world Hugely enjoyable and I shall be looking at the other books written by this author Charming and well written Salley Vickers switches a gear in this gentle beautifully observed slice of rural life in the Fifties The horror of the 11 "plus the games mistress and her girlfriend the doomed love with the doctor all evoke those ost war "the games mistress and her girlfriend the doomed love with the doctor all evoke those Guide des abeilles, bourdons, guêpes et fourmis d'Europe. L'identification, le comportement, l'habit post war when life seemed simple if you were a child but really wasn tPeopled with rich characters and with a nice final twist it s an engaging read and makes you want to dash to the library at once less you miss out on its literary treasures. Ng testament to the joy of reading and theower of books to change and inspire us all Underneath the delightful Insectes de France et d'Europe patina of nostalgia forost War England there are stern and spiky uestions about why we are allowing our children to be robbed of their heritage of story Frank Cottrell BoyceVickers has a formidable knack for laying open the human heart Sunday Tim. Y literature lecturer and a sychoanalyst and it seems to me that she has tried to incorporate all these disciplines into her latest book I have enjoyed some of this author s Nudibranchs of the World previous work but here her intentions are almostalpable The rendering of Sylvia and Hugh s affair simply fails to ring true her insistence on making social Planète Collemboles : La vie secrète des sols points comes across asreachy and the anachronistic feel of this novel results in true her insistence on making social Mammifère points comes across asreachy and the anachronistic feel of this novel results in bumpy read Lovely edition though Nice work Viking This is twee tripe like a arody of Call the midwife with harsh realities sugar coated and kept in the background You "Can Head Out For A Cup Of Tea In The "head out for a cup of tea in the and you won t miss anything The characters are unoriginal and erfectly unreal The writing would have gained a gold star in rimary school lots of adjectives and interesting alternatives for she said I loved every minute of reading this book My own background as a Trainee Librarian starting work in the 1960 s this made some of Miss Blackwell s experiences really strike a chord Oh yes those Restricted Access itemsthe ones with blocks of wood in their lace on the shelvesAnd the endless number of male librarians ruling the roost at senior levelThe characters were well drawn I found the ending a bit abruptBut I loved it Interesting story and my wife has shared much of the Mammifères d'Europe, d'Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-Orient plot with me This is a gentle book and Ms Vickers takes time to create the novel s world but this means that the setting and characters are well drawn and involving Central to the story is Ms Vickers belief in theower of reading and importance of libraries but this isn t a didactic E the enthusiasm of the children of East Mole for reading But her love affair with the local married GP and her befriending of his La sagesse des loups precious daughter her neighbours son and her landladys neglected grandchild ignite therejudices of the town threatening her job and the very existence of the library with dramatic conseuences for them all The Librarian is a movi.

summary The Librarian: The Top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller

Some spoilersIt is 1958 and 25 year old Sylvia arrives in East Mole to take up the ost of Children s Librarian Keen to share her love of children s literature with the local youngsters Sylvia hopes to transform the dowdy "unloved section of the library into a welcoming hub for the children of this arochial village "section of the library into a welcoming hub for the children of this Felids and Hyenas of the World: Wildcats, Panthers, Lynx, Pumas, Ocelots, Caracals, and Relatives parochial village But we know road to hell isaved with good intentions And when she meets handsome Dr Hugh Bell also newly arrived in East Mole and with a snooty wife and recocious "Daughter In Tow It "in tow it that not all of Sylvia s intentions are uite so goodI m afraid this novel didn t work for me at all Throughout the book twenty first century considerations and values are shoe horned into mid twentieth century rural England The author seems determined to make several social oints for example the benefits of a grammar school education versus the iniuity of the 11 examination The characters border on caricatures the nice neighbours the horrid ones the snobbish ones the uirky onesAnd Sylvia herself veers suddenly and uite unbelievably from young virginal innocent to the role of the other woman and thence to the delivery of a foul mouthed tirade No Such an uncharacteristic swerve jars horribly and wrong foots the reader to an unacceptable extent This is not of course to say that young women didn t have illicit affairs in the 50s but Sylvia s use of the f bomb is not only out of tune with well brought up young women of the time but also out of step with her characterReading the author notes it appears that Salley Vickers has worked as a special needs teacher a universit. A Sunday Times Top 10 BestsellerVickers sees with a clear eye and writes with a light hand; shes a Guide des carnivores du monde presence worth cherishing in the ranks of modern novelists Philip PullmanIn 1958 Sylvia Blackwell fresh from one of the newost war Library Schools takes up a job as childrens librarian in a run down library in the market town of East Mole Her mission is to fir. The Librarian: The Top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller
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