KINDLE (The Anti–Gravity HandLivre: Expanded and Revised Third Edition)

I ll confess that I haven t uite finished "READING MY WAY THROUGH THIS BOOK YET HOWEVER IN "my way through this book yet However in I can say that On the one hand the book introduces a number of very interesting topics presented in a free and independent thinking manner which is always healthy and refreshing but the items often seem to have nothing to do with building anti gravity devices On the other hand it is largely written by people who seem to have very little basic nowledge of physics or mathematicsAs an example of my second point the opening chapter doesn t leave the door open to the reader s confidence in the writer I found myself writing critiues in the margins as a teacher would do when marking an assignment submitted by a student Such wording as the product of mass multiplied by is not from the pen of someone with much nowledge of even basic college mathematics Further he states that half an object s mass multiplied by the suare of its velocity is #Its MOMENTUM Whereas Every #MOMENTUM whereas every awake college physics student will tell you that that s the object s KINETIC ENERGY He also bases much of his opening arguments on the statement that gravity is an acceleration downwards ie towards the centre of the Earth whereas gravity is actually a force acting towards the centre of the Earth which causes objects to undergo acceleration downwards when not prevented from doing so by some other force Likewise he claims that anti gravity is an acceleration upwards although of course anti gravity would actually be a force opposing the force of gravity Not uite the same thing Einstein s Principle Of Euivalence suggests that were we to find ourselves in a closed system we would be hard pu. The new expanded compilation of material on Anti Gravity Free Energy Flying Saucer Propulsion UFOs Suppressed Technology NASA Cover ups and Highly illustrated with patents technical illustrations and photos This revised and expanded edition has material including photos of Area 51 Nevada the governments secret testing facility This classic on weird science is back in a new edition Includes How to build a flying saucer; Arthur C Clarke on Anti Gravity; Crystals and their role in levitation; Secret government research. .

The Anti-Gravity Handbook: Expanded and Revised Third Edition

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There are other intelligent life forms with science far in advance of our own but it s a shame that they didn t proof read this as they might have found some interesting concepts among the numerous misprints and wild guesses for those scientically inclined SAVE YOUR book is an utter very informative excellentwould recommend "GOOD BOOK OK NOTHING ORIGINAL HERE YOU HAVE "book ok Nothing original here If you have anything else on the subject you have seen everything in this one Most articles are bad photocopies of old articles most of which are available for free on the internet In some the font is so small a magnifying glass is reuired to read it Don t waste your money Brought as a gift But have been told that the book is great and exactly what was expected One of many books on anti gravity No doubt our government already has this technology One day we all mayhave it Very technical in parts but makes you think about the possibilities Like many books of this type it has some tongue in cheek moments It talks about flying saucers anti gravity projects and general pseudo science I enjoy reading these mindless books but the author really needs to have an English speaking person proof read these before publishing I also find it amazing how many mis spelled words and odd paragraphs are in here I now the author is not a native English speaker so you would think someone that is would read this and edit it properly Has some interesting pictures of the Nazi saucer mythos and all as well Some drawings and photocopies of texts Good if you are interested in this stuff and I have added to my collection but all of these books would have credibility if they had polished editing. Ity Crystals and their role in levitation Secret government research and development Nikola Tesla on how anti gravity airships could draw power from the atmosphere Bruce Cathies Anti Gravity Euation NASA the Moon and Anti Gravity The mysterious technology used by the ancient Hindus of the Rama Empire The Rand Corporations 1956 study on Gravity Control TTownsend Browns electro gravity experiments How euations exist for electro gravity and magneto gravity Tons of patents schematics photos cartoons and other illustratio. Shed to tell the difference between being acted on by a gravitational force and undergoing a constant acceleration Not uite the same thing physically howeverElsewhere he claims that an electron has a zero rest mass This thing physically howeverElsewhere he claims that an electron has a zero rest mass This clear rubbishHe also refers to the use of a handheld sized Betatron However apart from the fact that you need very high powered electromagnetic devices to eep the electrons in such a tightly bending path you d also have to deal with the fact that electrons forced to move in such a tight path would emit hard x rays in the whole plane or motionThere is also an euation presented in a later chapter an interpretation of the Biefield Brown Anti Gravity Euation This is written in a way that not even a college physicist or mathematician would write it "Firstly The Mass M Cancels Out Completely "the mass m cancels out completely the form as written Secondly the euation can be written in a simpler form Just odd in my viewThere are other things I could mention but I think that s enough My point is if I m reading something with a basis in mathematics and the sciences particularly physics then I m not instilled with confidence when I see basic stuff being stated incorrectly or written unscientificallyAfter some time though I realised that I should stop reading it as a scientific book but as a bit of pure entertainment instead I suggest you do the same if you ever find it in your hands one cold stormy night I d recommend you also accompany it with a malt whisky too A complete mishmash of theories which are justified with Ah but What ifSorry but some theories are just plainly erroneous and wishing won t make them rightI m writing this as an engineer who believes that. And development; Nikola Tesla on how anti gravity airships could draw power from the atmosphere; Bruce Cathies Anti Gravity Euation; NASA the Moon and Anti Gravity; The mysterious technology used by the ancient Hindus of the Rama Empire; The Rand Corporations 1956 study on Gravity Control; T Townsend Browns electro gravity experiments; How euations exist for electro gravity and magneto gravity; Tons of patents schematics photos cartoons and other illustrations How to build a flying saucer Arthur C Clarke on Anti Grav.

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