Tarot of a Moon Garden Cards: Sweikhardt, Karen Marie: 9780880797054 (EPUB)

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Tarot of a Moon Garden Cards: Sweikhardt, Karen Marie: 9780880797054

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SO I JUST WENT TRHOUGH AND READ REVIEWS ABOUT THESE CARDS I LOVE THESE CARDS BUT YOU NEED TO BUY THE BOOK SEPARATE BECAUSE THERE IS DEFINATELY MORE TO THIS DECK THAN YOU THINK WITH THE LITTLE PAMPLET BOOK WHICH COMES WITH THESE CARDS RITUALS ARE IN THIS BOOK AND DESCRIPTION OF CARDS MEANING OF COURSE ETC BUY THE BOOK FOR THE CARDS AND YOU WILL ENJOY AND CONNECT MUCH BETTER WITH THEM These are my favorite cards Why 3 stars They are small About the size of a normal deck of playing cards The gorgeous book that used to go with them is so very hard aka impossible to find You React and React Native: A complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js, 3rd Edition… really need 2 of these decks One to look at and love and the other to use of meaningadiates in the images I love 70s esue fantasy artwork of this deck Very uniue Also I love the little book that comes with the deck The author gives not only the card meanings but even a short Developing Windows Azure and Web Services: Exam Ref 70-487 ritual for each card which I ve foundeally inspiring So far I haven t put this deck to as much use as my others but I m having a baby in a few months so I have a feeling I will get a lot of use out of this deck in the future I definitely see why people sa. Popular Kindle Epub, Tarot of a Moon Garden Cards: Karen Marie: 9780880797054 By unlimit hosting.co.uk. Y that this is a DECK FOR CHILDREN THIS DECK for children This deck has feel of a collector s item At some point I may come back and amend this Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life (English Edition) review to 5 stars after I ve used the deck a little Overall I would say that if youe thinking of purchasing this deck don t wait any longer Soon it will be out of print and very difficult to get ahold of Worth the money I ve been doing HTTP: The Definitive Guide (Definitive Guides) (English Edition) readings for over 20 yearsThis is one of the great decksDefinitely wouldecommend it came on time great conditionBeautiful graphicsTarot card booklet IncludedRecommended MontanaBlack: Vom Junkie zum YouTuber reading if youe not used to eading *Tarot CardsAbsolutely Would Buy Again *cardsAbsolutely would buy again this company thank you US Games are breaking my heartNever have a seen a company so blatantly printing ubbish and asking money for it And I m not talking about the art on the cards That s awesome But US Games constantly puts their stupid water mark on every single card Podcast Planificateur: Le livre Podcast qui vous fait un planificateur de podcasting ruining the backs of them basicallyuining the entire deck US Games also notoriously produce decks with incredibly bad printing uality My 90s Desk Jet printer does a better job I m not joking This deck is exceptionally bad The bad prin. There are many interesting things in this book, eaders are very amazed by the contents of the book Tarot of a Mo. T uality makes the eyes of all the figures creepy If you ever wanted to see a blood thirsty "Unicorn With Rabies Buy This "with abies buy this Well done US Games well doneI ve eturned this deck I should have burned it and sent the ashes to US Games with a note saying look I made it better BastardsI will one day create my own Tarot deck and I know which company not to go with no matter what they over Not unless they get their act together This deck is very appealing and fun to use It is full of garden flora and fauna with a dreamy magical appeal Its just that its a little too busy in some places because the same garden elements little too busy in some places because the same garden elements tree s *unicorns etc are packed in to every card *etc are packed in to every card the deck making it a little difficult for me to discern which card it is and to fully enjoy the meaning it conveys It doesn t eally give me any new perspectives or insights either but it does give me an enchanting and uplifting eading experienceI think it would be better suited to those who are familiar with the Rider Waite because the traditional symbolism isn t that obvious Love the colourful cards decorative and light energy nice vibe. On Garden Cards: Sweikhardt, Karen Marie: 9780880797054 By unlimit hosting.co.uk please download or ead online he.