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Superhydrophobic Surfaces

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Ydrophobic surfaces such as natural Superhydrophobic Surfaces Superhydrophobic Polymers Metallic surfaces superhydrophobic polymers metallic surfaces biological interfaces and superhydrophobic surfacesProvides an adeuate blend of
Complex Concepts With 
engineering concepts with depth explanations of biological principles guiding the advancement of these. .
Superhydrophobic Surfaces analyzes the fundamental concepts of superhydrophobicity and gives Insight Into The Design Of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Book Serves into the design of surfaces The book serves a reference for the manufacturing of materials with superior water repellency self cleaning anti icing and corrosion resistance It thoroughly discusses many types of
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TechnologiesDescribes complex ideas in simple scientific language avoiding overcomplicated euations And Discipline Specific JargonIncludes Practical Information For Manufacturing Superhydrophobic SurfacesWritten discipline specific jargonIncludes practical information for manufacturing superhydrophobic surfacesWritten experts with complementary skills and diverse scientific backgrounds in engineering microbiology and surface sciences.