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He fight to the alien slavers The action is non stop And Brutal WIC And His brutal WIC and his bag troops fight against this alien invasionThis storyline looks like suiggles than lines but for all the twists and turns irect the story to its ultimate goal WIC and his troops are consummate artists in their fighting skills but are hard pressed to stand against the alien weaponry Great characters play their roles perfectly A few surprises bring the story humor where it s sorely needed This is a great read Thicker than blood through fire and mud let everyone fear us MusketeersWhat an excellent original and phenomenal start to a new series An action packed military sci fi thrillerThe tempo building from the beginning rises up notches bit by bit ending with a resounding crescendo Commentaire du condensé d'Al-Akhdari: Concis sur la purifaction, la prière et sa réparation selon les avis prépondérants… dragging you with it pulling you in with a loud and strepitous vibration of tensi n nail biting moments throughout the whole premise It Got my heart beating like arum The Discovery is in itself imindblowing It is character Rachel : Je n'ai pas honte driven with a great world building with stupendous characters I already love Wic the main protagonist We take the soldiers for granted to take care we sleep soundly at night while they sacrifice their lives for us not only lives but the mentalisruptions so many go through when they come back from the front lines sometimes so mentally isabled their psyches can t react to confront from the front lines sometimes so mentally isabled their psyches can t react to confront La foi d'un judéo-chrétien daily life when they retire My upmost respect admiration and gratitude to them The comparisons made with films and shows from our present Day by the MC and his team while talking is funny and entertaining bringing bits of humour to otherwiseire situations If not for these moments it would have been grittier grim and ark A uasi post apocalyptic scenario Although I on t have any Against them Governments are toppling And the Earth is falling into ruinJoin bestselling authors Christopher Hopper and JN Chaney on what readers call a non stop break neck thrill ride into metaspace For fans of District 9 Expeditionary Force and Galaxy's Edge this is one military sci fi thriller you won't be able to put own and the official preuel to the hit series Ruins of the Galaxy. Ruins of the Earth (Ruins of the Earth #1)Now That Was FunWhat a romp There is no letting up of action from the first page to the last Surprisingly there is almost no confusion of the many characters which is action from the first page to the last Surprisingly there is almost no confusion of the many characters which is ifficult task in itself Add in some humor and you ve gone viral Maybe not the best analogy in this time of Covid Anyway I had a great time Complete surpriseJust how really awesome this Book Is I M In is I m in with Patrick And every single member of the Phantoms have won my heart Oh I pine for a Chuck of my ownIncredibly great and unexpected plot super breath holding action and completely vile aliens Could not put it Jérôme Lejeune: La liberté du savant down Highly recommend it and can t wait for book 2 Why shootemupWhyo so many American sci fi books JULIUS EVOLA ET LA VOIE HEROIQUE DU DETACHEMENT PARFAIT: Doctrine de l'Eveil et métaphysique de la non-substance degenerate into repeated gunfights with concomitantetails of all the weaponry Comment être chrétien dans un monde qui ne l'est plus: Le pari bénédictin deployed This could have been an interesting book but like many others of its type uicklyegenerated into tedious Le Cantique des oiseaux de Farîd oddîn'Attâr - illustré par la peinture en Islam d'orient descriptions of plucky little humans with oversized gunsescribed in great Non, la France ce n'est pas seulement la République !: Le coup de gueule d'un enseignant detail I had high hopes for this series unfortunately for me it got boggedown in mundane Viv(r)e le couple interculturel details For example a page or ofescription about packing the car what food he was thinking about taking etc The La loi vers... La justesse - Livret 5 dialogue was ok butid grow tiresome as well as his continual internal assessments of people and their comments I skipped thru many pages and id not apparently miss much Go potential story and concept but too much etail and not for me Mediocre Reboot of a Reboot of a Reboot of a Reboot Where but too much etail and not for me Mediocre Reboot of a Reboot of a Reboot of a Reboot Where Have Gone for Franchising Purposes Ruins of the Earth started well for this reader showing great potential Seemed on a trajectory for 4 stars or maybe even a rare 5 stars Then the wheels fell offThe authors cherrypicked previous plots and storylines from innumerable authors going back to HG Wells thr. A secret buried in the AntarcticA puzzle unsolved for thousands of yearsAnd a Brooklyn born Master Gunnery Sergeant who's royally pissed that he has to babysit the researchers sent to figure it all outPatrick Wic Finnegan's last op as a Marine Raider before retirement sends him to the frozen Ellsworth Subglacial Highlands The only reason he's hereHe owes a favor for an old friend but tha. Ough the present and grafted them TOGETHER IN A MISHMASH OF SILLINESSCONTEMPORARY in a mishmash of sillinessContemporary Raider WIC pairs up with an alien AI super gun that he picks up names him Sir Charles as the AI AI super gun that he picks up names him Sir Charles as the AI Monty Python s John Cleese as his personality and along with an ad hoc team of a half ozen retired and active US Special Operators go to battle with invading alie An Excavation In Antarctica Uncovers An Ancient Stone And Metal Construction in Antarctica uncovers an ancient stone and metal construction in strange hieroglyphic style markingsShades of Stargate SG1 An ancient portal is uncovered in Antarctica buried Violences conjugales. Accompagner les victimes deep beneath the ice So naturally the eggheadsecide to activate it and see where it goes Sheesh Doesn t anyone watch tv any Of course angry robots come flying out and tear everything up Just happens there s a wargame being conducted on the site by Russian British and American forces The combined might of two superpowers and a contingent of Brits are hard pressed but successful in turning back the incursion of alien forces streaming out of the giant gateway All s uiet on the southern frontShortly after their first intergalactic war American forces are rushed to New York to investigate a new portal suddenly appearing beneath the Brooklyn Bridge A huge glowing Les 100 dates de l'histoire de l'église dome appears over the structure covering several suare miles Theome begins to shrink passing through buildings and constructs but pushing people before it sueezing them toward the center of the La Famille vers... la Communion d'esprit - Livret 9 dome The portal opens and the screaming population of NYC and environs are forced through the portalestination unknown purpose unknownMaster Gunnery Sergeant Patrick Finnegan nicknamed Wic short for White Irish Catholic as the Brooklyn born Marine had been called since basic training and a mixed group of Marines Seals and even some Russians bring T Godly Materialism: Rethinking Money Possessions doesn't mean he has to like itWhen Wic finally sees what the team has uncovered he can't believe his eyes nor is he prepared for the violence to comeSoon the portal opens and unleashes a storm of unbridled fury upon humanityFrom the Antarctic tundra to the streets of Manhattan Wic and his team will be pushed to their limits as they fight to hold back Earth's ultimate threatThe odds are.

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