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In fact it s a dramatic LEAP FORWARDHILL SETS OUT THE TRADITIONAL sets out the traditional of transit action of planets upon the physical body hot cold moist dryfast slow tense MAUDIT MANOIR T01 CHIC C'EST TOXIQUE relaxed introducing uniue thoughts and then describes the medical influences of most major transit aspects inare depth Pages are festooned with delectable Field Notes Surgical caveats and Herbal Tips Obviously a lifetime of focused observation went into this work and it shows Hurrah for another classic Honestly there is just nothing like it and its MAUDIT MANOIR T02 JOURNAL D'UN MONSTRE riveting The allegorical illustrations are delightful to. Fetime of experience and vast knowledge into this significant work comprising a dramatic advance in the state of the art Foreword byenowned Herbalist Matthew Wood AHG MSc No fluff or padding here; this book is all depth Suitable for students of astrology and professionals alike Beautifully illustrated by the auth.

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R original work on this subject This book is filled with practical accessible information that will help professionals give excellent eadings at the same time that it amateurs can learn and benefit from it as well Judith s writing style is at amateurs can learn and benefit from it as well Judith s writing style is at familiar and academic and this book is filled with excellent pithy stories and advice from an astrologer who has ead literally tens of thousands of charts What a treat Thanks for another Wonderful Work Judith Good Information work Judith Good information Astrology in Action comprises a significant contribution to the field of Medical Astrology. Rts Hill's liberal inclusion of Field Notes Herbal Tips and Surgical Notes makes for delectable eading All major aspects are discussed with an emphasis on conjunctions Illuminating entry chapters explain and demonstrate aspect mechanics and other fine details of chart interpretation The popular author packs her li.  Medical Astrology In Action: The Transits of HealthArrived in excellent shape This book is "Practical It Is Useful This Book Seems " it is useful This book seems for astrologers who want to actually apply medical astrology Often I can ead 20 pages in a book and learn one useful thing In this book I am always learning something Just the introductory chaptersthemselves are worth the price Very usefulIi use it for my practice as a professional astrologer This book is very useful and helpful to draw predictions for health issues Though very complicated and detailed Medical Astrology in Action Transits of Health is even of a masterpiece than he. Medical Astrology in Action by award winning internationally ecognized author Hill is the only book in print exclusively devoted to the distinctly physical and medical impacts of the transiting Sun Moon planets Lunar Nodes upon the natal chart Sun Moon planets Lunar Nodes upon the natal chart is a practical Max et Lili ont du mal à se concentrer - tome 115 repertory useful for both natal and transit cha.