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Nd one I ve bought "and they re really good uality the first one lasted me 5 years "they re

*really good uality *
good uality first one lasted me 5 years is exactly like the book you get on the examI solved a lot of uant uestions during my prep and erased the whole book at least 30 times and it still functioned well it will last you a long time Great product wish they sold a cleaning cloth with it as well. Marker a disconcerting feature of the actual te. ,
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Manhattan GMAT Test Simulation Booklet w/ MarkerIt is what it is but I consider it extremely expensive for what it actually is "THIS SHOULD COST LESS THAN HALF "should cost less than EXERCICES APPLIQUÉS GESTIONNAIRE DE PAIE - Étude de cas corrigée - EDITION A JOUR 02.02.2021: Livret 2 – Cas maladie… half you pay To beonest I didn t expect the booklet to be this big It must be the size of an A3 pageThe booklet and the markers looked exactly the same as in the exam so it could really elp you prepareI must say though that This uniue product gets students comfortable wit.

Free download Manhattan GMAT Test Simulation Booklet w/ Marker

N the exam it really would not ave made any difference to "Me Whether I Had "whether I ad writing on such a booklet beforehand or notOverall recommend I use these as a notebook for work and
*they are perfect *
are perfect wipe easily and are reusable Specially when you want to ave a personal brainstorming session with diagrams and all This is the seco. H the GMAT's laminated scratch paper and special.