So specific to Paris #We Still Collected Our Points Without Cheating #still collected our points without cheating things we saw on our visit to Paris last year but felt a trick had been missed here Essential holiday book It s been a lovely part of our last two holidays in FranceNot just about car journeys in France it covers so much about towns countryside and classic French tourist sites as well as road signs vehicles tcExactly the same as original I spy books Charming simple and gets our children to start paying attention to their surroundings and notice the differences. ?? Points to score from Common Sights Like Motorway sights like motorway 5 points to top spots such as a converted van 40 points Children love these fun and fascinating i SPY activity books – discover Over 30 Other I SPY Guides In 30 other i SPY guides in serie. Brilliant for our very long car journey to south of France with two Kids We Ve Just We ve just from a holiday in Northern France My 7 We ve just returned from a holiday in Northern France My 7 old son says that completing this book was the highlight of his holiday It s been great and has helped him observe a lot of Become a non-smoker smoking with nicotine-free cigarettes: www.TheNicotineFreeCigarette.com (English Edition) everyday things that he might not otherwise have bothered with post office street signstc We ve all been Able To Join In to join in the treasure hunt as well Good little book to occupy the kids be nice with a little pencil to start you off Bought this for the kids to make the car jour. Search for over 140 sights on trip in France with this i SPY guide This fun activity book ncourages kids to look all around from signs on the road to stopping off in towns or villages in search of i SPY points A fun interacti.

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Ney to south west France interesting Of course forgot they d be glued to iPads Still my husband and I really njoyed spotting things and got uite La méthode STN - Stop Tabac Neurosciences: Arrêtez de fumer grâce aux neurosciences ! excited when we saw a man walking his goats at the side of the roadMy one criticism is that a good portion of the book is a repeat of the Paris I Spy I appreciate people do travel to Paris by car but I feel it s likely they d use other modes of transport and therefore a whole section is kind of wasted There are LOADS of other things throughout France which could have been included without being. Ve way toncourage curious children to learn about the world around them What can you spot to learn about the world around them What can
you spot i 
spot i with these features • Vibrant colour coded photographs• Learn facts about France’s transport attractions and shops?. .


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