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Cide for yourselves don t you think I have only recently came across this author I have listened to have only came across this author I have since listened to audio books all of which I found very nteresting I am truly grateful that authors such as Delores Canon have shared their experiences with the world What a fantastic and Not a fuckin' romance interesting life I have read all 19 of Dolores Cannon s books I don t believe I can say that of any other author and I have been a voracious reader for five decades I guess they re not for everyone butf you re feeling curious definitely do not hesitate This was the first book she wrote and an excellent place to start This could be the beginning of a life changing journey for you It certainly has been life changing for me to say the very least You can t put a value on the knowledge contained Né sous une bonne étoile in Dolores books My ratings ALL the stars For those who have healed themselves through the uantum Healing Hypnosis Techniue and received answers to their uestions by Dolores or a HHT practitioner this LE THEOREME DE LA LICORNE (Nouvelle édition): Comédie romantique, piquante et drôle, romance is the true story of howt all began back Expédition punitive in the 1960s Back when no one was talking about the New Age past life regression and other modalities of healing and consciousness expansion Dolores was exploring the realm of the Higher Self and discoveringnformation that would bend the mind Patients casse-couilles into a pretzelDolores husband Johnny Cannon who wasn the Navy hypnotized military service people and their spouses for behavior modification such as weight loss and smoking cessation This book Un Voeu pour Noël is about the one client who was a participantn an experiment to find all of her past lives and help her with her medical problems too She was regressed to 5 prior lives and then her Spirit came forward and talked with Johnny and Dolores while the client was under hypnosis As a result of the regressions the client s blood pressure decreased she lost excess weight and her kidney problem Winter's Heart (Sweetfalls t. 2) improved After a near fatal auto collision Johnny s careern hypnotism ended and Dolores master work L'HOMME QUI COURAIT SA VIE in the field of past life regression and uantum healing beganAs a uantum Healing Hypnosis Techniue Practitioner I was thrilled to read the humble beginnings of Dolores and Johnny Cannon s master work Five Lives Remembereds an easy and enjoyable book to read If you like time travel this Plus on est de fous... is one you will enjo. Thats before ts ti.  Five Lives Remembered

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This Lacanau Beach Baby: Tome 2 : l'été de leurs 26 ans is an excellent book for anyone to start off withf they are new to the concept of past life regression or hypnotherapy I have read several of Dolores books and felt I needed to go back to basics to find out where she began and what lead to her current style of hypnotherapy and conseuently writing about her and the client s experiences of t Read this book and I guarantee you will be left thirsty for knowledge on the subjects she has written about I only purchased my kindle so that I could have all of knowledge on the subjects she has written about I only purchased my kindle so that I could have all of books to read at leisure and am not at all disappointed Thank you I ve read some of Dolores other books first but this was great n A l'heure suisse its own right ands really Someone Real interesting to see how they got started with this I actually feel I have a better grasp ont all now I have read this book and t has made me feel I could do the Level one class Before I was a bit daunted as t all Sexy Disaster (French Edition): Le plus torride des affrontements is a bit complicated sometimes but seeing where you can start from and learn I really appreciate the book and so glad they decided to publisht Originally my mpression was there were 5 lives of different people that would be regressed But the five lives were all lived by one woman In each life she was a woman possessing a differing characterbehaviors were all lived by one woman In each life she was a woman possessing a differing characterbehaviors especially enjoyed her life as Gretchen and the miraculous power she possessed as a spirit Well worth your time also most of the chapters tend to be short and mostly conversations so the reading s simple and goes uickly Absolutely fascinating I have been terrified of the supernatural my whole life and despite being scared the whole time I was reading I could NOT stop Like nothing I ve ever heard or read or seen before Different from her other books but probably because Les minutes non-éducatives d'Élodie Poux it was written almost accidentally because of an experiment like 50 years earlier but not better or worse I ve read her Three Waves book andt s just as absorbing Gotta have an open mind If you re a person who clings to beliefs set by society or culture and you reject most other things as charlatan or voodoo or new age you probably will do that to this book too But for those of you who love new things or new Les Récrés du petit Nicolas ideas give this a try Fascinating read totally grabed my attention couldn t putt down 100% recommend for anyone Petit livre de - 150 idées pour emmerder le monde interestedn pa. What do you do when yo. St life regression I d heard Dolores Cannon on YouTube but this was the first of her books I read I would recommend t on YouTube but this was the first of her books I read I would recommend t n particular as for the verbatim acc These are case histories documented by the author She has 13 other books same subject reincarnation Or you could purchase Soul Survivor about a young boy who recalls details of a former life as a WWI fighter pilot then goes to the carrier reunion and dentifies by nickname several close friends now Complètement cramé ! in their 80 s and his 78 year old sister Readt and ponder Then go on to the case histories documented by Brian Weiss MD Undergraduate Columbia University medical degree Yale University School of Medicine Chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach Florida Author of Many Lives Many Masters which launched his credentials n 1988 and risked undermining his credentials at MSMC His therapy methods were validated 5 other books current Then on to Old Souls by Tom Schroder who attempts to expose Dr Weiss and the 30 year documented research of Dr Ian Stevenson who has travelled the world from Lebanon to India recording the history of thousands of subjects who Lebanon to India recording the history of thousands of subjects who past lives Read the book You will be amazed at his conclusions Do you know reincarnation was an accepted belief n the early Christian church until the 6th Century Consult the Internet for the history of Emperor Justinian and Pope Silverius and the Ghost in love illegal 2nd Council of Constantinople which was supposed to have been authorized and presided over by the pope who refused to attend because he himself was a firm believern reincarnation Arrested by Justinian s soldiers but soon after released because they also believed Justinian and his wife the ueen Regnant Theodora were concerned that the Holy Roman Empire which they ruled was losing Icônne - numéro 2 (2) its grip on their formerly faithful citizens If the populace believe they only had one life to live they would take care to submit to the dictates and fiats of the governments that not so Enough of this nonsense about reincarnation You must pay your taxes on time or lose your possessions and your life Belief Quand il me prend dans ses bras in reincarnation was determined to be Heresy against the Church And all who taught or believedt would be punishable by death Time to crack the books and de. U discover nformation. ,
La Mort d'Ivan Illitch, suivi de Maître et serviteur et de Trois morts Anna Karenine (Intégrale les 2 volumes) Crime et chatiment vol.2 (Nouvelle édition) Les Nuits blanches Garçon ! Anna Karénine

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