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Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa: A West African Spiritual Tradition Kindle Edition

Ead but than that take action after reading it *WHERE DO I BEGIN "WITH THIS BOOK I "THIS BOOK I *do I begin with this book I loved so much from beginning to nd So many books on LucumiIfaOrishas focus on the specifics of ach orisha and their characteristics addimus rituals colors tc but this book focuses on the core meat and ssence of what characteristics addimus rituals colors tc but this book focuses on the core meat and Ingrand Max : du Verre a la Lumiere essence of what spirituality is truly all about Reread the title of the book outloud a few times as it really captures what her book is about Her breakdown of finding your SOUL path was done artistically and beautifully You will see the spiritual realm you live and the journey you arembarking on very different after reading this book Very few books I would want to read than once but this one is one I can read again and again Correal you have a gift with words Adupe for this special creation Curious and not knowing what to COMMENT RECONNAITRE FAIENCE DE GIEN expect this book was my introduction to the Yoruba religion the science of allowing God to flow through you so thatach breath becomes a prayer and as God breathes you breathe I have only read Part I A Yoruba Vision of God thing this book will help you name it and I suspect upon completion it will help you move past it The author titled this book Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa and the word finding is important and intentional It implies that the soul our deep spiritual center is always present We need only turn inward to draw on its power during our journey of struggle and transformation The author does a good job xplaining basic Yoruba tradition and concepts She also does well sharing her personal journey and thoughts on Yoruba spiritual tradition However I was disappointed because this is another book that tries to justify the incorporation of those without African ancestry into ATR Although I am not an initiate of any organized religion I find it highly offensive to those who were brutally stripped of their indigenous practices and treated inhumanly by those who didATRs have been demonized by colonizers and still today by those who. The Yoruba Lukumi branch of Orisa guides us along this blessed road FINDING THE SOUL ON THE PATH OF ORISA provides a fresh look at these ancient teachings and mphasizes introspection and inner work over the out. This is a very interesting book for *everyone seeking to reflect on basic

of orisa spirituality It is of the very few *seeking to reflect on basic principles of orisa spirituality It is one of the very few that will speak to western audiences in a personal way but without a new age or Le livre du céramiste : Techniques et conseils pour l'atelier exotic approach I thinkveryone who is interested in Orisha should have this book Glad I came across it Good book Educational and very helpful in finding ones pathway through Orisha tradition Helped me to understand why I was led to the path of Orisha and what I hope to achieve from the orisha As a person of the diaspora who is fond of Orisha I found this book to be my saving grace it stays on my bedside table I am forever grateful for this Ase Of the Lucumi books that I purchased this is one of the most Jacques Blin, Céramiste et Porteur d'Histoires earnest and inspiring I feel that Tobe started where I started as a total outsider who nonetheless recognized the hidden treasure and potentiality of the Yoruba faith and Yoruba based faiths Often times in my narrowxperience when you meet people who share those beliefs you dont get a feel that they spent time in reflection and spiritual growth They are all talk of rituals and maintaining the traditional practices they were taught from similar minded folks You can be in this religion and be a seeker of knowledge a trailblazer a higher thinking mover and shaker It is amazing to me how our Yoruba ancestors were inspired to this binary thought system that predates modern technologies My goal is to research how they came to it and spread the love that is blossoming within me to the world And like that author concluded the rituals are but a tiny glimpse of the psycho social power of the faith I really Les faïences de Strasbourg et de l'Est de la France enjoyed this book after finding out my ancestors were most likely from the Ivory Coast Ghana DNA testing I began researching the paths of religion from that area I was drawn to this book by recommendations from knowledgeable friends and was not disappointed I ve learned a lot and feel ready to continue my personal journey Well worth the In the realm of African spiritual pathways no tradition is so widelymbraced and practiced as the West African religion Orisa Awakened by her own spiritual journey Tobe Melora Correal an initiated priestess in. .

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Have been colonized Most ATRs are centered around ancestry Logically who are others calling on and honoring in their daily lives as an ATR initiate Even going back 100 years considering segregation and the current state of race relations in America and abroad how many of these ancestors of others are worthy to be honored and sought *OUT FOR GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION MAKE IT MAKE SENSE *for guidance and protection Make it make sense your sole goal is to cause chaos and confusionshrugsI Monsieur Madame-Jeu des 7 familles enjoy learning about all things spiritual and metaphysical no matter the author s views I maybe wrong but I think the author is biracial and is trying to rectify her ancestry on both sides Nothing wrong withlevation but the rror is in giving those without African ancestry the permission to practice that which isn t inherently theirs I wish people with African ancestry would stop the watering down of ATRs to appease others Native Americans protect their legacies and spirituality and no one finds this offensive Why is that Others have their own forms *Of Magic They Write So *magic They write so books on ATRs that it s hard to find reputable sources for research and njoyment I m not suggesting that one belief system or ancestry is above another No not all I passionately Poker super system - Version 2.0 encourage others to be authentic because authenticity is a core tenet of all belief systems Nothing wrong with Wiccantc We need magic from BELOTE carnet de score: 100 feuilles de scores - Règles du jeu pour belote classique - Calculer et compter ses points… every belief system to bring balance healing and harmony to the world ATRs are not new age nor a fad It s not something you join like Christianityven though anyone can pay to be initiated into most ATRs no matter their ancestry However I humbly believe ATRs are traditions and practices that should be respected by others and protected by those of African descendantsLet me ask Would you give 500000 of a million dollar inheritance to a complete stranger Probably not because it was your blood relative s hard work and sacrifices that will hopefully shield you from poverty while providing you with a comfortable lifestyleLove Light. Ward manifestations of Orisas practices Correal debunks misconceptions surrounding the tradition drawing us into a lushly textured Earth centered spiritual systema compassionate and useful roadmap for revering ,
Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa: A West African Spiritual Tradition