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 Cross & Crescent in the Balkans: The Ottoman Conquest of Southeastern EuropeDavid Nicolle has managed to write a short *history of the turkish ottoman conuest of the *of the Turkish Ottoman conuest of the The Book is only 244 pages long but could easily have been twice as long and still very interesting It is simply amazing how much information he has managed to present and still keeping the book very readableThis is a book that focuses of how the Ottoman uite how the author managed to pack so much information and insight into such a short volume 244 pages is still a bit of a mystery to me even after having read it The book kicks off in the PERIOD AROUND AD700 AND COVERS PRIMARILY BYZANTIUM AND THE around AD700 and covers primarily Byzantium and the that eventually led to Ottoman Turkey as well as the various Balkan powers and the Italian and Western players that shaped the region getting as far as Mongolians at times It then roughly ends in the ears after the Ottoman capture of Byzantium in 1453 with the aftermath in the remaining 15th century briefly covered tooBeing so short it is but natural that it will not be truly comprehensive in all aspects Still one gets a good grasp of the myriad of short lived empires that all occupied the space of the Balkans and Asia Minor in the period described and a much richer understanding that part of the world Nothing was uite as simple as is often portrayed in the short summaries on the subject with pretty much every empire having had allied with every other one This is NOT just another retelling of the Fall of Constantinople though it does include a very fine account of that momentous event It is the history of a uite extraordinary century one which began when a tiny of force of Ottoman Turkish warriors was invited by the Christian Byzantine Emperor to cross the Dardanelles from Asia. T one point or another and having fought them TOOWHILE THE PERIOD UP TO THE REAL RISE TO the period up to the real rise to of the Ottomans may read like a list of *EVENTS AT TIMES THE LAST SEVERAL *at times the last several CARNET DE NOTES: Un cadeau drôle à offrir à une sage-femme sage femme. years are covered fully Aspects as diverse as military matters science architecture art general culture medicine are all covered andou get a relatively rich picture of the times Sure with a book twice the length content could have been conveyed but it is an excellent starter on the topic and likely to whet the appetite for in most readersThe Ottomans are covered in a relatively positive light not necessarily the standard approach which may surprise some positive light not necessarily the standard approach which may surprise some but they were certainly relatively enlightened for the times even if some aspects of their lives beliefs and behaviour would have been seen as completely unacceptable from today s point of viewThe book also includes maps of the area and some pictures of surviving buildings from the times both of which are uite useful More detailed historical sources and an index are also provided so that returning to specific items in the book or deepening The Light In The Window your knowledge of specific periods if so desired are both made relatively easyAs already mentioned before I can only recommend the book both to those with a general interest in history as well as to those from the region who would like to better understand the intricacies of both Asi. Into Europe to assist him in one of the civil wars which were tearing the fast declining Byzantine Empire apartOne hundred and eightears later the Byzantine capital of Constantinople fell to what was by then a hugely powerful and expanding empire of the Islamic Ottoman Turks whose rulers came to see themselves as the natura.

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A Minor and the Balkans which are partially responsible for developments up to the modern day A dull read plenty of facts and dates but too many to recall and make sense of The book needed a little something This book was a very comprehensive look at a topic that is relatively obscureThe author presents a VERY detailed discourse which ranges over a vast canvas The origins of numerous tribespaintingarchitectureevery day lifeliteratureetcetcetcIt is a really a superb effort It was also not the most gripping prose Unfortunately for me it was WAY too tedious and not enough military history which is what I was expecting My fault So if ou want lots of culture sociology religion etcwith some history thrown ingive this book a try For me I was disappointed there s lots of names dates and *Events That Don T Always Follow It *that don t always follow it an overall perspective to provide much needed context to the detail however it s not that different to the high majority of history books which fail on similar counts the trick is to tell a story and use some details to give the story life and historic relevance history from this time and earlier is given to us by a few winners and observers and therefore in many cases there s a leap of faith and a little logic to in many cases there s a leap of faith and a little logic to into events and the reasons for them I m about half way through and so don t expect any difference in the remaining half. L and legitimate heirs of their Byzantine and indeed Roman predecessors The book sets the scene explains the background and tells the story both military political cultural and personal of the winners and the losers plus those 'outsiders' who were increasingly being drawn into the dramatic story of the rise of the Ottoman Empi.

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