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Himself without 20 DOLLAR WORDS AND RUN ON SENTENCES words and run on sentences won t believe But this book opened my eyes to the real world and the problems we face However I am sorry to inform you that we the Human Race Hve Passed The Tipping Point Of hve passed the tipping point of return in destroying our planet Was not in brand new condition like the other book I purchased and had discolouration of the front cover and folded corners of the pages throughout the book Critical Path is a thorough investigation of the possibilities open to humanity if it reject national boarders and war I does seem a little out dated written as it was in the 80 s but many of the issues that needed resolving then are still in dire need of resolution This was my first encounter with the renowned R Buckminster Fuller and during the course of the book with its odd abstract coinages a Maybe he was a genius but not of writing he wasn t 1 part substance 9 parts hot air Virtually unreadable All about the missed opportunities only he saw bit mo one else did Reallyvery far fetched I love reading Fuller and this is a good sort of summation of his way of looking at the world It s comprehensive than the Operator s Manual for the Spaceship Earth and less dense than Synergetics A good middle place to get a view of his scope of thinking Bought for grandson s 16th birthday after reading my 1983 copy again best history education and guide to future available. Tural resources and facing political economic environmental and ethical crises The crowning achievement of an extraordinary career Critical Path offers the reader the excitement of understanding the essential dilemmas of our time and how responsible citizens can rise to meet this ultimate challenge to our futu. Worth reading Must read if you care about humanity Permit me to use this opportunity to lament the death of Prof Fuller To my knowledge as of a couple of years ago I was the last student of the last faculty member to have served in the same college of engineering at the same time as Prof Fuller In this sense I regard myself as the last of the Fuller students It seems that Prof Fuller is truly dead for all that university does now for Prof Fuller is lend Prof Fuller s name to a group of picnic tables the purest insult if ever there were any Perhaps the new engineering dean will fix that But what I have done so "too must you Read THIS BOOK AND ADD YOUR OWN book and add your own of "must you Read this book and add your own table of in the front pages to help you easily refer to Prof Fuller s amazing observations as you continue to reflect for months and years after reading And when you learn of a professor that is teaching similar philosophies but not using Prof Fuller s works then send that person a small case of a good handful of copies of this book This is the best book I know however Humanity Needs Something Better Too needs something better Too there is nothing better and too bad Prof Fuller is dead Bought this when it was published and thought it was great but a hard read Gave it to a friend so I bought this one to replace the original and it was exactly the same and in very good condition R Buckminster Fuller was a genius and had a hard time expressing. Had a profound impact on modern life and thought Critical Path is Fuller's master work the summing up of a lifetime's thought and concern as urgent and relevant as it was upon its first publication in 1981 Critical Path details how humanity found itself in its current situation at the limits of the planet's na. .
This book always blows my mind It s like seeing into the thoughts of a world mover Check it out The man certainly fell into the category of intuitive thinker and his intuitions were mindblowingly accurate in a lot of respects The same way his Buckyspheres unknowingly complimented the complex nanastructures of fullerenes based off of candle soot structures the based off of candle soot structures the in this collection of essays come together to reveal what sometimes seems so complex with transitions in subject so uick its hard to differentiate from the super associative ramblings of a schizophrenic and yet this was one of the most influential men of the 21st century The Second President Of Mensa Until His second president of Mensa until his This book is also good to get a glimpse of what the scientific community used to be before the streamlining of a post dot comsupercollider media image This is the era mythified and laughed at in Johnny uest and later Venture Brothers one still full of hope and dreams Think I got as far as chapter 3 if that This book was written a long time ago Despite that the writing style and grammar is bad irregardless of being old school The author repeats himself and after a while it seemed as if the rest of the book was headed towards some sort of brainwash propaganda As far as I m concerned it s irrelevant by now A testimony to the genius of this man His style it s irrelevant by now A testimony to the genius of this man His style writing is a little dense in places but well. R Buckminster Fuller is regarded as one of the most important figures of the 20th century renowned for his achievements as an inventor designer architect philosopher mathematician and dogged individualist Perhaps best remembered for the Geodesic Dome and the term Spaceship Earth his work and his writings have. .


Critical Path

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