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O take a french class A must have if ou want to learn French I was so happy to find this book on I had one as a student in France and I consider it the BEST French Conjugation Resource Out There Also Sells This resource out there also sells this with English instructions which may be helpful for students who are not as advanced but want to work on their verb conjugation note that this is very much a reference material like a dictionary rather than a textbook Verbs are divided into three different groups based on how they are conjugated and the back of the book includes an index explaining how to find a model conjugation for each verb This is a reference resource that is useful for anyone looking to perfect their understanding of French conjugation I bought this book which had as a headline used goodThe book arrived and the cover is sticky it can be seen in the upper Right Corner A Liuid Fell And So All The Pages corner a liuid fell and so all the pages pasted to one another and of course covered by this pinkish liuidI honestly don t even want to use it My French teacher in high school had this in his room to help with conjugating every single verb I decided that I need this and bought it It literally has every verb in the French language and every tenseBuy it ou won t regret it Pour has every verb in the French language and every tenseBuy it ou won t regret it Pour and sometimes reviewed as a good starter First it is all in French so if ou are just starting forget itHard back and very concise Includes many links in the text examples and a very good index Coloured sections Very usefu. Répertoire des verbesÀ chacun des verbes sont associés des indications sur sa construction et un renvoi à l'un des 104 tableaux ui permet de résoudre immédiatement un problème de conjugaisonLe répertoire des verbes de cette édition recense tous les verbes de la langue française contemporaine d'un usage courant ou recherché hors lexiues très spécialisés Sont également pris en compte des verbes spécifiues à la Belgiue au Canada à l'Afriue francophone.

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12000 verbs I needed to look up a few words in the grammar section in order to fully grasp the ideas My understanding of the tenses and moods increased exponentially The writing style was highly lucid and direct Just the grammar section alone was worth the cost of the book for me and well worth the effort to translate it fully on my own The conjugation tables as alluded to in other fine reviews simply blow the competition away The brilliant literally and figuratively verb charts are a masterpiece of organization and memory enhancing devices The verb charts alone are worth twice the cost of the book Finally there is the index of ALL 12000 VERBS IN THE entire french language this is far than in FRENCH LANGUAGE This is far than in or 555 Incredibly Bescherelle packs this punch into a book a tiny fraction of the size of the competition This book should be on the shelf of EVERY student of the french language be they a beginner or hard core linguistic master Comprehensive thorough complexand at the moment beyond my comprehension This is a wonderful book for scholars and heavy weight students of French I m a student but my progress is not et enough to make real use of this compendium Verbs in French are undoubtedly the trickiest part of learning the language As I move along i know it will prove useful But right now all I can do is scan the pages it will prove useful But right now all I can do is scan the pages awe of the knowledge here But I m glad I ve got it It will be useful in the future Amazing 1010 recommend if ou are tskkng or planning T structuré avec l'ensemble des formes simples et composées à la voix activeSont également mis en évidence les traits caractéristiues de la conjugaison du verbe et les verbes voisins ui se conjuguent sur le mème modèleLes règles de conjugaison et d'accordCette partie permet de montrer ue la conjugaison et l'accord des verbes français répondent à uelues règles simples de donner des méthodes de raisonnement pour orthographier les terminaisons verbalesLe. I got this book when I studied French as an adult and it helped me The French lady I was living with in France urged me to toss it Nope I needed the help Every kid I know who learned French and learned it properly learned with this book It is the euivalent of sit ups and push ups and stair master exercises for the French language it works and I have owned various editions of this book over the ears it s the ultimate reference guide to French conjugation Highly recommended to anyone who is studying higher level French or to anyone who uses the written language in a professional Capacity And Who Needs To Get It and who needs to get it Book for my daughters school work fast service I am a serious francophile and am preparing to live in I am a serious francophile and am preparing to live in for a few months with my wife I have been reading extensively in preparation for our trip A reasonable understanding of french verbs will be critical if I am to communicate effectively with the people of France I have used and become uite familiar with the following verb books 501 French Verbs and the Blue book of 555 French Verbs First of all let me say that both are fine books I will say that the explanations about what the different tenses and moods actually mean are better in the 555 than 501 In terms of the physical size of the books I would say that they are BIG 501 and BIGGER 555 501 lists an additional 1500 or so verbs and 555 lists an additional 2500I have recently finished reading the french version of Bescherelle. Repensée et soigneusement mise à jour cette nouvelle édition du Bescherelle La conjugaison pour tous constitue plus ue jamais l'outil indispensable de la conjugaison françaiseL'ouvrage comprend trois parties complémentaires ui donnent toutes les indications nécessaires pour trouver et orthographier les formes de n'importe uel verbe françaisLes tableaux de conjugaisonÀ chacun des 104 verbes modèles de la conjugaison française correspond un tableau clairemen. Bescherelle: La Conjugaison Pour Tous (Bescherelle Francais)

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