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This novel can readily be found IN OUR LIVES TODAY THIS STORY our lives today This story one to seek hope faith forgiveness and love e Throughout my adult life I have been fascinated by all things Roman both the good and the bad So much of our western civilization has its roots tied to the Roman culture The persecution and growth of Christianity uring that time can never be overstated The book Amora takes place in 2nd century Rome Connaître Christ (Knowing Christ) during the time of Justin Martyr 100 AD 165AD The central true character of the book while unknown is given the story name Amora The book is absolutely captivating from the opening scene Then you are transported 18 years back in time from the opening event and you are taken on an adventure of hope and happiness as well as tragedy sadnesseathtreachery and murder All to be brought back to the beginning of the story a beginning of acceptance understanding forgiveness and the true meaning of complete love The character La raison est pour Dieu. La foi à l'ère du sceptiscisme. development is so beautifully constructed and the sceneescriptions are so clear you can t help but put yourself right there with the people of the Story This Is A Book This is a book will make you think again about this particular time in mankind s evelopment Whatever your plans may be you might want to alter them to make time to read this amazing bookIt puts first century Roman politics and Christianity on a collision course read this amazing bookIt puts first century Roman politics and Christianity on a collision course will absolutely grip the reader Amora and her patrician husband Leo serve the Emperor and hierarchy of the Romans as an important part of their life Amora is a young woman when chosen by Leo to be his wife As time goes on tragedy begins to enter her life which brings her to start uestioning her estiny As she searches for meaning Leo becomes bitter and even involved in his service to the Romans The entire story resolves around these two people but extends to so many other characters and theirlives Tragedy can bring souls to God just as it can alienate them This book is full of hatred vengeanceviolence character assassination and any other Résistance et soumission: lettres et notes de captivité: Nouvelle édition debauchery known to man As Leo continues his search for vengeance Amora is introduced to the Christian faith where she finds peace and genuine love This is not a book of just the battle of good and evil It is so mucheeper than most anything you may have read It may very well change you as you begin examining hate and vengeance that may exist in your own life This is a top shelf read. H This powerful story will unuestionably resonate with people of faith and has enough universal appeal to find a home with other audiences as wellExplore the path to forgiveness and healing while witnessing the characters struggle with their pains of loss and betrayal the burden of guilt and the rive for reveng.

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Amora AUTHOR Grant J. HallstromThis is a great story that follows the story line from the view of several good characters along their own paths It seems to be true to the historical time period with a nice historical addition at the end which helps to know about the historical figures that appear in the book and that adds a nice flavor to the the historical figures that appear in the book and that adds a nice flavor to the but the situations are very relevant to todayThere is much that is being taught as nice flavor to the but the situations are very relevant to todayThere is much to the but the situations are very relevant to todayThere is much is being taught as characters evelop but nothing seems forced As such the underlying message forgiveness and love is able to sink in I found myself several times stopping to consider the things that were being Du baptême à la plénitude (Baptism and Fullness): L'action du Saint-Esprit en notre temps discussed and wanting too better in my own life I really enjoyed reading Amora by Grant J Hallstrom Historical fiction is a favorite genre and this book effectively combines engaging plot believable characters and historical and theological background The historical notes give additional background The book is based on a true account of a strong woman and her conversion to Christianity Each of the primary characters wrestles with feelings of revenge and forgiveness as the story line progresses Many inspiring spiritual truths are conveyed through the characters Oeuvres de Luther, tome 2 dialog which caused me to reflect on my own life and experiences Once I began the book Iid not want to put it Vers l'inépuisable : 52 traversées pour 52 semaines down It reveals a compelling message of love faith and hope Just finished reading AMORA by Grant Hallstrom Definitely a Five Star read It takes you back to theays of the Roman Empire with such amazing Homme et animal, Dieu les créa: Les animaux dans l'Ancien Testament detail that you feel that you re there experiencing the feelings and challenges of living in that time of history It is one of those can t put itown books as you want to Gérer les comportements difficiles : Conseils pratiques pour les animateurs de groupes d'enfants et d'ados discover what the outcome will be for those people with whom you haveeveloped an understanding and kinship Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle of Your Mind during the reading Grants amazing use of the breath andepth of the English language makes the read just that enjoyable Again with full confidence that anyone who loves a fabulous story with extremely well Dreams and Visions: Understanding and Interpreting God's Messages to You done phrases and sentences and paragraphs I highly endorse AMORA Toward the end of this well crafted book I found myself having a hard time putting itown as I was fully invested in the story the characters and the history From the very beginning it made me think and reconsider my motivations for treating other people the way I o and it caused me to consider my feelings and emotions in my relationships with others from a new. #1 New Release for Christian Historical Fiction September 10 2020 #1 New Release for Ancient Historical Fiction September 10 2020Amora is an emotional historical Christian novel of forgiveness and redemption A wealthy patrician enounces his Christian wife and her slave to ie in the arena only to find his life. .
Perspective and with purposefulness The author id a wonderful job weaving historically accurate events together with rich characters while also teaching about accurate events together with rich characters while also teaching about greed hate forgiveness life eath and a host of other topics that concern any and all of us at all stages of life I strongly recommend this BOOK TO EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO FACE THEIR FEARS to everyone who wants to face their fears eliminate negative feelings from their life The book tells a compelling story feelings from their life The book tells a compelling story is action packed interesting and motivating For fans of historical fiction written particularly about the early Christian Church in the Roman Empire Grant J Hallstrom s new novel Amora is a spirited and inspiring read for this summer of our iscontent It skillfully conveys familiar themes of earlier novels written by Lloyd C Douglas The Robe The Big Fisherman and Gerald N Lund The Kingdom and the Crown series and is a fitting addition to the genre Amora puts the spotlight on Rome in the second century AD It centers around the patrician family of Tribune Leo Amora his wife their children and household staff composed primarily of slaves Without sharing plot points that would spoil the experience for future readers the story of Amora is steeped in Roman history early Christian theology and reinforced time honored values such as commitment faith forgiveness redemption honor and courage Amora is also fast paced filled with colorful images of Roman life battle intrigue and gladiatorial swordplay in the arena It is recommended for adults and suitable in my opinion for mature youth Its release in 2020 comes at a good time Absolutely loved this book I love reading stories from GreekRoman times Great story matched with great characters Highly recommendedI won this book free off goodreads first reads I must give a spoiler alert to any reader of this review I read between 30 40 books in an average year Among those Abbé Julio : Le guide complet des pentacles prières: Fabriquer soi-même les 46 pentacles de l Abbé Julio et activer… dozens of books I am blessed to r Amora by Grant Hallstom is a novel based on a true story of a noblewoman from the Greco Roman period who suffered persecution rejection and ultimatelyeath because of her conversion to Christianity The story is filled with action and conflict that would L'Homme, irrémédiable ?: Conférences de Carême de Paris, 2021 demand justice or revenge Murder adulteryivorce false accusations mistreatment and En finir avec les idées fausses sur la laïcité deceit are just a few of the offenses committed While keeping the historical traditions accurate to the Greco Roman period the relationshipsisputes and trials in. Turned upside LE DIABLE AU RENDEZ-VOUS: Chroniques d'un prêtre exorciste down while the slave’s lover pursues a uest for vengeanceThis engaging historic epic is based on the true story of the noblewoman who inspired Justin Martyr’s petition to the Roman Senate Amora is a story of sacrifice a sweeping action adventure and a moving examination of spirituality and fait.